Xero Pricing Change / Hubdoc

Posted 16 Mar '20

Xero Pricing Change / Hubdoc

By Charles Talbot

Standard, business and premium Xero subscriptions from the 18th of March will include access to Hudoc. From 1 July 2020 – the monthly xero subscriptions for these plans will be increasing by $2, see detailed pricing changes here.

Included in your standard, business and premium subscriptions from tomorrow will be access to Hudoc. Xero acquired Hubdoc in 2018, due to its world-class data capture technology.

As part of your day-to-day toolkit, you’ll get:

  • Easy bill and receipt capture – Hubdoc makes it easy for clients to upload bills and receipts using their desktop, mobile device, email or scanner – giving you access to the documents you need, when you need them.
  • Automated data entry – Once documents are uploaded to Hubdoc, the key data is automatically extracted and synced to Xero as accurately coded transactions.
  • One-click bank reconciliation – Xero then matches these transactions to the bank feed for one-click reconciliation.
  • Secure and centralised document management – All client documents are searchable and easy to access from anywhere in the world.

Existing Hubdoc users have been paying a monthly subscription of $27.50. Therefore, you're receiving great value for only a $2 price increase from Xero.

To learn more about Hubdoc:

  1. Attend one of our free monthly xero seminars, we have and will continue to demonstrate the power of Hubdoc. For future seminar dates stay up to date with our upcoming events page on our website.
  2. See the Hubdoc website.

For further advice please contact our office on 02 6921 5444. Our team are Hubdoc certified and equipped to help implement this successfully within your business.

Charles Talbot


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