NSW Small Business Month Festival

Posted 10 Sep '20

NSW Small Business Month Festival

By Lucy Suthern

Are you a small business owner looking to reboot, recover or grow your business?

During the month of October, the NSW government is hosting the 4th annual NSW Small Business Month Festival. It aims to provide practical information, ideas and networking opportunities to help businesses start up and grow.

You can partner with the NSW government to help reboot and recover in the wake of the devastating bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is free to take part in and as an official partner you can:

  • promote your organisation within the small business community on the NSW Small Business Month website
  • leverage the NSW Government branding and social media content
  • promote your activities on your marketing channels using NSW Government branded assets
  • connect with hundreds of other businesses and industry leaders taking part
  • promote existing initiatives or create new programs that aligns with this year’s themes

The 2020 themes are designed to help you reboot, upskill and look to the future as part of your recovery phase:

  1. Building your brand on social: Including social media marketing, protecting your reputation and attracting customers
  2. Working with digi-tech: Presenting, promoting and growing your online business as well as connecting with customers via the latest technologies
  3. Financial foundations: Financial management, exploring grants and support available to you and safeguarding your business 
  4. Research, plan, do: Market research, risk & disaster management and planning for the future
  5. Futureproof your business: Planning for the unknown by thinking outside the scope of your business model
  6. Your team and you: Gaining insights on how to hire, train, manage and retain the best staff

Take part this October to be inspired to start, run or grow your business, connect with like-minded people and gain valuable support. Find an event near you, or join one online. Partner applications are now open and end in mid-October.

For more information on the NSW small business festival month or how to apply visit

Lucy Suthern


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