Introduction of flexible Long Service Leave Arrangements

Posted 26 Mar '20

Introduction of flexible Long Service Leave Arrangements

Yesterday, the NSW Parliament passed amendments to the NSW Long Service Leave Act to introduce more flexibility around the taking of long service leave.

The key amendments are that an employer may:

  • Give a worker a period of long service leave that is less than one month if the worker agrees to that lesser period of leave (previously long service leave had to be taken over a longer period)
  • Give a worker less than one month’s notice regarding the leave if the employee agrees to that lesser period of notice

These measures will apply for six months from 24 March 2020 with the ability to be extended to 12 months if required.

There were no other changes to the Act in relation to when an employee becomes eligible to take the leave, that is still subject to the standard service periods.

Further details are available on the NSW Government Website here.

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