Next-Level Business Support: WDF now offers HR Services to further support you

Posted 28 Nov '23

Next-Level Business Support: WDF now offers HR Services to further support you

As a business owner, you know best of all that running a business is like juggling a dozen balls at once. And let’s face it, HR is not usually a busy business owner’s area of expertise or one that you have much time for. That’s understandable – you’re the guru of your product or service and that’s what drives you day in and day out. As your business grows, so do your HR needs. Now WDF can help with your HR requirements, as well as all your tax, compliance and business advisory needs.

Tailored Solutions for Business Owners

As your business evolves, so do your people needs. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely suffices when it comes to human resources. Your requirements for HR support need to cater to the specific challenges and aspirations of your business requirement. We can assist with crafting role descriptions, developing employee contracts that align with legal standards, policies to make sure everyone in the business understands how things work in your organisation and so much more. These services provide a firm foundation for sustainable growth for your business and its people.

Boosting Performance Management

Ensuring your team understands expectation of their role and that people achieve their potential is a win-win for any organisation. Performance management doesn't have to be boring or a headache for all involved. We can help set up a plan that creates regular check-ins and provides two-way feedback to suit you and your team. And if there are difficult situations that need addressing, we can help guide you through this as well. The result of a good performance management plan is a motivated and engaged workforce, driving the company towards its goals.

Cultivating Positive Team Culture

You might have heard the saying that culture eats strategy for breakfast. No matter how strong your strategic plan is, it will be held back if your team doesn’t share a positive culture. A positive team culture is the backbone of a thriving workplace. HR services play a pivotal role in fostering this culture by implementing strategies that prioritize employee satisfaction and collaboration. Building positive culture doesn’t have to be about big and expensive HR strategies, doing small things on a regular basis can be just as effective in creating a work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

Crafting Policies for Harmony

We know ‘policies’ sound like a snooze-fest, but policies ensure that everyone's on the same page, reducing confusion and fostering a cohesive work environment.  From code of conduct to leave policies, we can develop guidelines that reflect your company culture and values. A well-crafted policy is like a roadmap – it keeps everyone heading in the right direction!

For business owners, wearing many hats can leave you with minimal time to focus on the detail required for smooth and compliant HR processes. In the same way you might outsource your bookkeeping to us, we now provide a HR service to assist you as a valuable time-saver, enabling you to redirect your energy towards core activities, fostering innovation and driving overall business success. For small businesses seeking to thrive in a competitive landscape, outsourcing HR services is a smart choice to help make your business journey smoother!

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