Embracing Technology for the future

Posted 6 Nov '19

Embracing Technology for the future

By Andrea Bradley

How to utilise Technology to improve your business success.

We all know that technology is moving at a rapid pace. There are changes all the time in terms of the best software options that are available for you and your business. We recommend businesses embrace the changes in technology and ensure they are working to your benefit.

Consider the processes in your business and whether there is a way technology can better support you by improved reporting, saving you time, greater marketing reach, better flexibility or all of the above!

Some things to think about:

  1. Can your business reporting improve your decision making. Do you understand your current position well enough to make informed decisions for your business going forward. Have you got a budget? Do you understand your upcoming liabilities? How is your profit margin, profitability and cashflow?
  2. Have you automated your accounting functions to the extent possible. You shouldn’t need to ‘double handle’ your data. Do your programs integrate with each other?
  3. Have you considered how technology can assist you to grow your business? Have you embraced the ease with which you can reach your customers and reach beyond your customers through the best use of technology?
  4. Ensure your data is stored safely. Do you have processes to protect your data and your passwords?

If you can adopt processes to address the above, then it is likely that you can create more flexibility for yourself and improve your work/life balance.

If you are interested in hearing some of our ideas in this space, please contact us.

Andrea Bradley


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