Covid Support Measures

Posted 16 Aug '21

Covid Support Measures

With lockdown now affecting all of NSW, it is timely to provide an update of the Government assistance that is available for NSW residents.  A summary of this assistance is available on the NSW Government website and full eligibility requirements should be reviewed.  Key points to note: 

  1. 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant is a one off grant that requires a decline in turnover of at least 30% for a two week period from 16 June 2021 to 17 July 2021.
  2. Jobsaver is support payments of 40% of pre-COVID weekly payroll and requires a decline in turnover of at least 30% for a two week period since 26 June 2021 and the employee headcount is maintained as at the level on 13 July 2021.
  3. COVID-19 Disaster Payment provides for eligible employees where they experience a stand down or a reduction in work hours from their employer.

We will continue to keep monitoring these programs and provide updates as things change.

Our WDF Professional team is available by telephone, email or zoom to help with your questions relating to the above information. Phone 02 6921 5444 or email¬†

Andrea Bradley


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