Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP)

Posted 19 Jan '20

Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP)

By Brooke Guiton

Making energy saving easy!

The Australian Government has initiated a new Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) to assist small businesses reduce their energy usage and save on energy costs.   

Part of the BEAP initiative is through the NSW Business Chamber and is targeted towards small businesses employing between 6 and 20 individuals (or 5 or fewer employees if adversely affected by drought). The NSW Business Chamber is providing free comparisons of electricity prices from the top energy retailers and consultation to discuss savings available on an energy plan that meets your needs. Their advice is tailored according to your business industry and efficiencies in energy consumption. This is a free service – a comparison call can be arranged by providing your details via the website or

The second initiative available is a new online benchmarking tool that assists small business compare their energy costs with similar businesses specific to their industry and region. The benefit of utilising this tool is that the benchmark comparison helps the business owner identify if they are paying too much for their energy. Visit to access this tool.  It is designed for any small business located in Australia employing up to 20 staff with a turnover of up to $10 million.

Brooke Guiton


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