Time flies when you are having fun

Posted 8 Oct '19

Time flies when you are having fun

Some staff members reached big milestones this year!

The Directors and staff would like to congratulate D’Lene Browning on achieving her 20 year milestone at WDF earlier this year! D’Lene commenced with WDF in 1999 and continues to be a great asset to the firm.

At the beginning of last year, we also had two staff members reach their 15-year milestone, Lauren Cooper and Christina Cotter. A fantastic achievement for both Lauren and Christina, well done! Almost 30% of staff have been with the firm for 8 years or more which is something WDF is very proud of.

We strive to make the workplace a positive team environment where staff feel supported and can look forward to a positive experience during their time at work. We are very proud of our staff and are privileged to have such a diverse team, who not only work well together but enjoy spending time with each other outside of work also.

We look forward too many more years to come!

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