Steptember 2021

Posted 5 Oct '21

Steptember 2021

At WDF Professional, the month of September transforms us into a competitive bunch as we undertake the STEPtember Australia challenge. We had five teams of four people each taking part and spending every spare daylight hour walking.

Our five teams took a total of 8,530,929 steps during the month. That’s approximately 6,700kms or a return trip from Wagga to Perth!

Vicky’s team was the top stepping team with over 2,073,000 steps. Well done to Vicky, Lucy, Janita and Annette! Mal's team came in a close second and Andrea's team was not too far behind in third place.

A big congratulations to Katy Isherwood who was our top individual stepper, walking well over 660,000 steps. That averages out at around 22,000 steps per day. Katy holds bragging rights until next year’s challenge!

Thanks to all those who sponsored us and contributed to raising funds for people living with cerebral palsy.

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