Andrea Bradley


BCom (Acc), Chartered Accountant (CA), Registered Company Auditor (RCA)

Andrea commenced her accounting career in Sydney with ten years spent working with Ernst and Young. She joined WDF when she returned to Wagga in 2005.

Andrea brings a keen interest in working with clients to help them improve their business and personal situation. She enjoys the challenge of working with a range of different individuals and businesses.

Being an excellent accountant is fundamental to Andrea. The extra value she creates for clients goes beyond this to supporting clients through the challenges that arise. Being accessible and available are also very important to Andrea.

Within WDF, Andrea is the Director responsible for human resources. She loves developing the internal support network as part of this role.

Andrea enjoys contributing to improve the facilities and services within our community and support those in need. She is a Director of Opening Doors Foundation Ltd and has served on other Boards in the past.

Andrea enjoys spending time with family and friends. She regularly competes with her own show horses. She loves going to the races anywhere, from Wagga Wagga to Sydney and Melbourne.